“This Is It” Original Artwork by Todd Sanders of Roadhouse Relics

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I’ve seen this ‘wonder wall’ before and now I’m passing it every day in sunny Surry Hills, Sydney. It’s by street artist, Numskull.

Love the ‘GO’!


Miracle image of sitting monkey appears in paint chipped wall.



TheKhooll - Drive-In Brains Jack Klobnak [via]

"I’ll give ya a piece of my mind… for two bits." I love this storefront, with its signage for Harvey’s Sandwich System which may or may not have been the source of donuts, and the competing sodas signs are two Pepsi caps under the 7-Up lighted sign. Then randomly, "Truck Stop" in the window. I have no idea about the "Brains 25¢" but if you look closely there’s a white-lettered layer of signage under those words.

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Abandoned military building


Finished a frame for #butterflyadventures go see them at the LA Fair in Pomona #handpaintedsigns

Happy tree, sad tree